Thursday, May 23, 2013

Assembly Begins On RV-12’s Right Flaperon

Having the “Oregon Mirror Image” issue sorted out, work began on the RV-12’s right flaperon. The assembly procedure incorporated on the left flaperon worked out quite well, so the exact procedure will be utilized for assembling the right flaperon. That process was well documented for the left flaperon so just posting assembly photos for the right flaperon. However, the right flaperon requires flip-flopping all the nose ribs from their relative positions on the left flaperon. Think “Oregon mirror image”.
Match drilling the stainless counterweight to the holes in the A-1201C-R outboard nose skin.
Securing the A-1201A-R inboard nose skin onto the right flaperon spar with Clecos.
 Match drilling the right flaperon inboard nose ribs to the inboard A-1201A-R nose skin.