Thursday, May 30, 2013

Assembly Of Right Flaperon Continues

Now that the right flaperon’s nose and aft skins have been fully prepared for assembly, the riveting of components onto the right flaperon’s spar has begun. Before installing ribs onto the right flaperon spar, the two A-1206 pivot brackets were riveted in place onto the spar using AN470AD4-4.5 solid rivets in place of LP4-3 pop rivets.
                                              Using the pneumatic squeezer to rivet the A-1206 pivot bracket
                                              onto the right flaperon’s spar using AN470AD4-4.5 rivets.

Basically, the same procedure is being used to assemble the right flaperon that was used on the left … with one small exception on the A-1207R actuator. During the riveting of the actuator for the left flaperon, the rivet squeezer slightly grazed the actuator (even with the small diameter rivet set) because the rivet line is much closer to the fillet radius than optimum. So this time an attempt was made to alleviate any marring of the actuator’s anodizing by placing masking tape on the actuator followed by taping a thin piece of scrap metal between the rivet line and the fillet radius on the actuator.  This worked very well and the right actuator was riveted without any marring what so ever … wish I had done that for the left actuator where I now have two small mars.
                                  A piece of scrap metal used to protect the anodizing on the A-1207R actuator
                                  during riveting … note the scrapes left on the scrap metal after riveting.
Riveted A-1207R actuator without any marring of the anodizing.
The assembly order to allow for using AN470AD4-6 solid rivets on the A-1207R actuator is riveting the actuator’s outboard row of rivets (closest to the radius) first, then rivet the inboard A-1205 rib onto the actuator/spar assembly. After the riveting of the actuator was completed, the inboard A-1210R nose rib with the attached bracket was riveted onto the right flaperon spar beside the A-1207R actuator using AN470AD4-4 rivets.
Riveting the inboard A-1205 rib onto the flaperon’s right spar/actuator assembly with AN470AD4-6 rivets.
                               Using the pneumatic rivet squeezer to secure the inboard A-1210R nose rib/bracket
                               assembly onto the right flaperon’s spar with AN470AD4-4 solid rivets.