Thursday, April 18, 2013

Countersinking Right Spar - Attaching Aft Ribs

As with the left wing, the main spar for the right wing was machine countersunk for the 120 degree flush rivets being used on the RV-12 project. It took the bulk of a full work session to get all the many rivet holes on both the top and bottom of the right spar machine countersunk. Wow! It’s a lot of holes and after what seemed like an eternity to complete one side, there was yet another side to countersink. What fun!
Machine countersinking one of the oodles and oodles of rivet holes on the RV-12’s right spar for flush rivets.
Once countersinking of the right spar was completed, the process of attaching the W-1210 aft ribs onto the right spar began. As on the left wing, AN470AD4-4 solid rivets were incorporated to secure the W-1210 aft ribs onto the right spar as opposed to LP4-3 pop rivets.
Using the pneumatic squeezer to rivet the first of the W-1210 aft ribs onto the right spar with AN470AD4-4 solid rivets.
The first four W-1210 aft ribs were attached onto the right spar before work time in the shop ran out and preparations for out of visitors to DOG Aviation began.