Friday, April 5, 2013

Left Landing Light Instillation Completed

While landing light access is still as good as it gets … decided to finish up the landing light instillation. Before doing any riveting, thought it would be prudent to test the landing light. Two 9 volt transistor radio batteries were placed in parallel and then connected to the landing light connector.
                                              Good news … all the LED’s were illuminated.  Yep!  It is bright!

Knowing that the light worked in both steady and pulse mode, it was time to finalize the instillation.  The grounds for the wiring were connected and the landing light ribs were riveted onto the W-1203 outboard skin. There was a small issue with the mounting bolts bottoming out in the light, however, this was resolved by using thicker washers than the ones that came with the light from AeroLEDs.
                                             Riveting the landing light ribs onto the W-1203 outboard wing skin.

With the shims in place that were made to take up the small gap between the landing light ribs and the W-1203 skin, the ribs were finally riveted onto the W-1203 skin. Thankfully, this caused very little distortion of the wing skin so making the shims was time well spent.

I posted a question on one of the forums about leaving the lens out until after painting and was told that is the way to go … so guess the lens will not be installed until after paint.