Sunday, April 14, 2013

RV-12’s Right Wing Assembly Commences

The RV-12’s right wing assembly is much the same as the left wing with a few subtle differences … such as rivet placements on the right spar and the lack of an inspection hole. There are no moving parts to inspect within the right wing unlike the left wing which contains the stall warning indicator vane and micro-switch assembly.

After finishing up with the clean-up of the shop following the rearrangement of most everything to accommodate the wing storage rack, construction of the right wing began. The first task - drilling and tapping  both ends of the factory installed AEX tie-down plate to accept the tie-down ring used to secure the aircraft when on the ground.
Tapping the factory installed AEX tie down plate attached on the spar to 3/8” x 16 threads.
 The outboard attach angle at the wing tip was attached using AN470AD4-4.5 rivets as opposed to the LP4-3 pop rivets. After the outboard attach angle was riveted onto the right spar, the rib attach angles were secured on the spar with Clecos and then riveted in place using AN470AD4-5 solid rivets as opposed to LP4-3 pop rivets. Some of the rivets were squeezed and a rivet gun and bucking bar were used on the rivets the pneumatic squeezer could not reach.
Using the pneumatic squeezer to rivet the outboard attach angle onto the right spar with AN470AD4-4.5 rivets.
Using the pneumatic squeezer to rivet a rib attach angle onto the right spar with AN470AD4-5 rivets.
Using the rivet gun and bucking bar to set AN470AD4-5 rivets into the spar to secure a pair of rib attach angles that could not be reached with the pneumatic squeezer.
The factory installed rib angles require additional rivets but, as with the left wing, it is impossible to squeeze or buck these rivets because of the layering of the spar’s doubler plates … therefore LP4-3 pop rivets must be used here. The clearance is tight and requires using the close quarter rivet puller … and even then the clearance is so tight the trick of bending the mandrel of the rivet slightly and using a wedge to set the rivet needs to be incorporated.
                                           Mandrel of the LP4-3 rivet slightly bent with a wedge placed over
                                           the rivet to keep downward pressure squarely on the rivet head.
Close quarter rivet puller positioned over a LP4-3 rivet that has a bent mandrel and wedge ready to be set. Note: even thought the tool is at an angle, the bottom of the wedge is flat on top of the rivet being set.
The right wing’s spar has now been rolled over and all the rib attach angles have been squared in preparation for installing the W-1210 ribs the next work session in the shop.