Monday, April 1, 2013

The Left Wing’s Top Skins Are Finally Riveted

After my April Fools joke of the day was played on me (by a box of flush rivets of all things), work continued riveting the  upper skins of RV-12’s left wing. We have all heard that placing square pegs into round holes is unproductive … I submit placing square  rivets into round holes is equally as unproductive. Good thing I had enough coffee in me to be awake enough to notice.
An April Fools joke was played on me by a box of rivets of all things! Square rivets don’t fit very well in round holes.

The temperatures have dropped back into the 30 again, so riveting got off to a slow start and continued in small spurts throughout the morning. Once the shop heaters created a “region of bearability”, an afternoon push finished up the riveting of the left wing’s upper skins by mid afternoon without any unforeseen issues.
                                                       Riveting of the left wing’s top skins nearly completed.
Setting the last rivet into the rear spar which finishes the riveting of the upper main skins onto the left wing skeleton.

In the excitement of the moment, the wing was turned over per the plans ... but that was a bit premature because I wanted to rivet the landing light ribs next. Oh well, it is not a big deal, will just need to flip the wing once more. Jan’s brother, Scott, was visiting over the Holiday weekend so while he was available to help, decided to have him help flip the wing so installation of the bottom wing tip components can begin.
                         Scott helping to carry the RV-12’s left wing back into the shop after it was flipped over.