Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pete’s RV-9A Makes Successful First Flight!!

Those following the DOG Aviation Blog know from time to time references have been made to Pete’s RV-9A project. After retiring (and still living in California) I gladly, and with much glee, spent countless hours over a period of a hand full of years pounding rivets and aiding Pete assemble his state of the art Van’s RV-9A.

Pete’s RV-9A slipped the surly bonds of earth and took to the air for the first time yesterday and successfully carried Pete on its maiden voyage into the blue wild yonder.  Sadly, I was not there to witness the momentous occasion or to see the huge RV grin I’m absolutely sure was permanently etched onto his face.

Pete forwarded a short QuickTime video taken by Keith (who visited DOG Aviation last month) of the first landing in his RV-9A at Cable Airport in Upland California. Pete greased the landing and reported in an Email to DOG Aviation the airplane had no temperature issues, engine ran strong and smooth, and the RV-9A flew straight and true in trim at 179 miles per hour true airspeed. Pete said summing it up in one word that it was …. AMAZING!!!
A short QuickTime video of Pete’s first landing in his awesome RV-9A.
For those interested in seeing the complete and well documented building of Pete’s RV-9A, visit to see the complete building process.
                                             Pete’s RV grin after having a successful first flight in his RV-9A.
Can’t wait to see what it looks like painted after initial flight testing is completed.
Congratulations Pete, she is a wonderful bird!!!!!!!!!!