Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Canopy Latch Micro Switch: Act 2

Frequent readers of the DOG Aviation Blog know I had a total klutz moment last week when I stepped on … and broke the canopy latch micro switch. The replacement canopy latch micro switch arrived from Van’s yesterday, so decided this is a good time to complete that task.

Installing the canopy latch micro switch - Act 2: Just as with the previous micro switch, the roller assembly on the end of the arm needs to be removed. Took a couple of extra moments to wrap the micro switch in masking tape to prevent any metal powder from entering the switch while removing the unwanted material with a ScotchBrite wheel … doubt that is truly necessary, but can’t hurt.
Canopy latch micro switch before removing the roller assembly.
Canopy latch micro switch after removing the unwanted roller assembly from the arm.
 Micro switch after the roller mounting tabs were removed from the arm.

Of course, there was not much left to do to install the micro switch … just place two screws through the switch body, install the backing nuts, then screw the micro switch in place on the latch plate. Once the micro switch was secured, all that was left to do was connect the two wires fabricated last week and install a couple of wire ties.
Screwing the canopy latch micro switch onto the canopy latch plate.
Completed canopy latch micro switch instillation.