Sunday, May 31, 2015

Left F-1265 Flaperon Pushrod & WD-1215 Flaperon Torque Arm Installed

Continuing on where work stopped yesterday, progress was made installing the left F-1265 flaperon pushrod. The forward end of the pushrod was attached onto the flaperon mixer bellcrank. The right WD-1215 flaperon torque arm was installed next.
About to install the left WD-1215 torque arm onto the F-1206D bearing bracket.

The aft end of the F-1265 flaperon pushrod was installed onto the left WD-1215 torque arm. Because these last two assemblies need to be removed after match drilling the flaperon torque tubes, these parts were just tightened down snug but did not waste the time torquing the bolts since all this gets disassembled after the match drilling process.
Installing the bolt that secures the aft end of the left F-1265 flaperon pushrod onto the left WD-1215 flaperon torque tube.
Completed instillation of the left and right F-1265 flaperon pushrods and the left and right WD-1215 torque arms.

The center bolt in the flaperon mixer bellcrank assembly was tightened then torqued to specifications along with the hardware for all the attachments to the flaperon mixer bellcrank assembly.
Tightening the hardware for the F-1264 control stick pushrod.
Completed flaperon mixer bellcrank assembly with all four pushrods connected.

Before any more work can be done on the flight controls the wings need to be attached so the flaperon torque tubes can be installed and match drilled to the WD-1215 flaperon torque arms. This will have to wait for at least a week because of Rotax engine classes I will be leaving town to attend.