Monday, May 25, 2015

Riveting Of Fuselage Side Skins Completed

Although a short Holiday work session today, had enough time to finish up riveting the left F-1270 side skin onto the RV-12’s fuselage skeleton.
Riveting the left F-1202N-1 skin stiffener in place on the F-1295 side skin with flush rivets.
Almost done  … riveting the left F-1202N-1 onto the left F-1270 fuselage side skin.
Completed riveting of the left F-1270 side skin onto the fuselage.

Gee, a sobering thought … sad as it may be the realization hit me that this is the last of the large assemblies to build for the RV-12. Sure there are still more pieces to attach to the RV-12 fuselage … but completing the riveting of the fuselage side skin completes the last of creating one large assembly from a pile of small parts.

Last fall I was able to make the F-12116-L&R mid cowl hinges, so Clecoed them in position and riveted them in place.
About to set a rivet in the left F-12116 mid cowl hinge making it a permanent fixture on the fuselage assembly.

The only Clecos remaining are in the forward most rivet holes. There is a hinge for the lower cowl that needs to be riveted in place but first spacers need to be fabricated for the hinges then primed. This is a task I did not have time to complete last fall before the weather changed, so will work on making the spacers during the next work session.

Finally, all the piles of small parts have now been transformed into one large assembly.