Sunday, May 31, 2015

Small Problem - Static Air Line Placement Causes Interference

This will be the last post for at least a week because of the Rotax engine classes that I’ll be attending in Virginia this coming week.  This is good timing because the DOG Aviation purchasing department just placed the order for the RV-12 powerplant kit which is the final kit to complete the DOG Aviation RV-12.

During the instillation of the left F-1265 flaperon pushrod it was discovered my chosen location for attaching the static air line alongside the seat rib has created interference with the left F-1265 pushrod. At the time this location was chosen for the static air line, it did not seem likely the left F-1265 pushrod would get close enough to the static air line to touch it … but it does. It just barely touches … however any contact is unacceptable.
After installing the left F-1265 flaperon pushrod, it was discovered there are combinations of stick and flap handle positions that create contact with the static air line. My finger is pointing to the area of contact.

If the lightening holes in the seat rib did not have flanges, doubt there would be any interference. The solution is not going to be a big deal … it will just require pulling back the static air line and routing it on the backside of the rib using the exact same routing. The static air line will need to pass through the lightening hole near the flap handle block, follow the same path on the backside of the seat rib it is on and get tied down using the same holes for the wire ties. At the forward end of the seat rib it will need to pass through the large lightening hole and through the wire grommet it is currently in.
Moving the static air line behind the rib will solve the clearance issue and as can be seen in this photo, there will be no issues bringing the static air line back through the large lightening hole in the seat rib and forward through the wire grommet.

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