Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tail Cone Riveted Onto Fuselage

Before climbing into the fuselage to slither into the tail cone to cinch up the wire ties around the wiring and tubing, wanted to place some rivets into the areas where the tail cone meets the fuselage. I did not feel comfortable crawling into the tail cone with it only secured with Clecos … doubt there would be an issue, but why take chances.

During this work session I had some assistance from out of town helpers. Long time friends Kurt and Roger paid DOG Aviation a visit and were quickly put to work helping with the riveting of the tail cone onto the fuselage. Roger and I shared in the riveting task while Kurt removed and/or  moved Clecos and fed rivets to us. Of note: The portion of the tail cone’s side skin that is riveted onto the F-1255-L&R longerons received a slightly longer CS4-4 rivet than the 4-3 rivets primarily being used on the RV-12 project.
Kurt placing Clecos into the F-1256L skin stiffener to secure it onto the F-1270L fuselage side skin for riveting.
After taking a quick lesson on using the pneumatic rivet puller, Roger was setting the countersunk rivets being used on the DOG Aviation RV-12 like a pro.
Roger setting some rivets with the pneumatic rivet puller while Kurt supplied the rivets, manned the Cleco pliers and used a shop towel to clean the dimples.
Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun … had to get some riveting in myself.

After the tail cone’s skins were riveted onto the fuselage side skins continued adding more rivets into the side skins ...then broke out Mike’s creeper and rolled underneath the fuselage and began riveting the tail cone bottom skins onto the fuselage’s bottom skin.
On Mike’s creeper riveting the under belly of the RV-12’s bottom skin to tail cone joints.