Sunday, May 31, 2015

F-1265 Flaperon Pushrods Assembled - One Installed

Now that the primer on the guard I made to keep the static tube secured to the top of the flap handle block has dried, it was bolted down onto the left flap handle block and the bolts for both blocks were tightened.
The guard that was made for keeping the additional static tube secured on top of the flap handle block is now bolted in place.

With the guard for the static line now installed on the left flap handle block, the instillation of the F-1265 flaperon pushrods could begin. But first the flaperon pushrods need to be assembled. Months ago the threaded rod ends were placed in the pushrod tubes and four rivet holes were drilled. To insure the parts went back together correctly, each rod end and tube received tags with matching numbers. Each tag was placed through the matching rivet hole for that set.
Flaperon pushrod tube and threaded rod end with matching rivet holes marked with numbered tags to insure a correct fit during reassembly.

Frequent readers of the DOG Aviation Blog may recall I had center punched the rivet hole locations prior to drilling without the threaded rod end inserted … which apparently slightly deformed the tube enough to make getting the threaded rod end in and out a tough chore.  During reassembly, a thin film of Corrosion X was placed on the parts to add a little slick factor along with offering some long term protection. The rod ends needed to be tapped back into the tube. Not wanting the damage the rod ends a washer with tape was slid onto the threaded rod end and a deep socket was used to tap the rod end into the tube after eyeballing for perfect alignment. To verify rivet hole alignment after the pieces were mated, a 1/8" center punch pin was placed into the rivet holes. I got lucky and did not have to fuss with any of the rod ends, they all aligned perfectly.
Setup for tapping the threaded rod end into the flaperon pushrod tube.
Using a 1/8" center punch pin to test the rivet hole alignment.

After the rod ends were fully seated in the pushrod tubes, they were riveted in place using MSP-42 pop rivets.
Riveting the threaded rod ends and pushrod tube together with MSP-42 pop rivets.
Both completed F-1265 flaperon pushrods.

The plans call for screwing on F3514 rod end bearings on both ends of each pushrod and adjusting the length from center to center of the eyelets to 38 3/4". I started with screwing the rod end bearings onto the threaded rod end 9 1/2 turns this turned out to be within half a turn or so from being correct. The rod end bearings are offset from each other by 90 degrees … so to aid in getting the measurement right, two pieces of tape were marked at 38 3/4" and an AN3 bolt was slid into the eyelet of one of the rod end bearings and clamped onto one of the marks on the tape.
An AN3 bolt is centered and clamped over the line. This holds position as adjustments are made to obtain the correct length of 38 3/4".
Other end of the rod end bearing centered over the 38 3/4" mark.
Completed F-1265 flaperon pushrod assemblies 38 3/4" long from the centers of the holes in the bearings. Note the two bearing assemblies at each end of the pushrod are orientated 90 degrees from each other.

Because the auto pilot servo is already installed, I found it best to install the right F-1265 pushrod first by passing it along the left side of the servo motor and then bringing it forward through the holes in the center channel bulkheads on the right side. Installing the mounting hardware at the flaperon bellcrank assembly was challenging … trying to do it with your fingers is really tough because there is little room coupled with bad angles. I used the age old trick of using a box end wrench with tape closing off one end of the box so the nut would not fall through and then secured the washer to the wrench with a little more blue masking tape. This method worked out quite well.
Torquing the right F-1265 flaperon pushrod assembly onto the flaperon bellcrank assembly.

The right F-1215 flaperon torque arm was installed onto the right F-1206D bearing bracket and then the right F-1265 pushrod assembly was bolted onto the F-1215 torque arm. At this time the mounting hardware for these pieces will just be made snug. Sadly, it all needs to be removed after the wings are attached and the flaperon torque tube is match drilled to the F-1215 flaperon torque arm. Builders will want to make sure all the bolt holes in the F-1215 flaperon torque arm are clear of powder coating prior to installing so the AN3 bolts slide through the holes nicely. Mine were so full of powder coat material I could not even get any of the threads of the bolt into the holes. Sure glad I checked this prior to installing.
Right F-1215 flaperon torque arm with the right F-1265 flaperon pushrod assembly attached … ready for the instillation of the flaperon torque tube and subsequent match drilling process.

Did not have time to completely install the left F-1265 flaperon pushrod assembly so completing that will be the task for the next work session.