Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RV-12 Rudder Pedal/Brake Assembly Installed

Once again it was necessary to climb into the RV-12’s cockpit to work on mounting the rudder pedal assembly. With the assistance of Bernie, a trial fit of the rudder pedal assembly was made to make sure all the wires were clear of the assembly as well as finalize the positioning of the static air tube for the backup instruments. The rudder pedal assembly was temporarily removed to wire tie the static air tubing in place and tighten down the wire raceway.

While still inside the cockpit area, the rudder pedal assembly was slid back in place and the inboard F-1235A rudder pedal block assembly was bolted in position and the bolts for the remaining two pedal block assemblies were started by hand. Leaving the forward portion of the side skins loose made tightening the two mounting bolts for each of the outboard rudder pedal blocks quite easy.
After making a trial fit of the rudder pedal assembly, the rudder pedal assembly was bolted into position while enduring the pain from my ribs being crushed into the edge of the seat ramp.
Bernie tightening the mounting bolts on the right rudder pedal block assembly.
Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, I tightened the mounting bolts on the left rudder pedal block assembly.

While access was still good from the side, decided to take the time to rivet nutplates onto the F-1217B rudder pedal access covers and install them onto the F-1217 tunnel ribs.
Tightening the hardware securing the left F-1217B rudder pedal access cover onto the left F-1217 tunnel rib ... the right side is already completed..

Having the rudder pedal assembly installed, it was time to bolt the powder coated brake fluid reservoir onto the fuselage and screw a T fitting coated with Loctite 567 into the back side of the reservoir, attach the brake lines to the reservoir, then torque the brake line fittings on all the master cylinders.
Bolting the brake fluid reservoir onto the firewall.
Using a torque wrench outfitted with a crow foot wrench to torque the brake line fittings onto the master cylinders.

Have to say, it is SO MUCH EASIER being able to sit on a rolling chair and have easy side access to four of the six bolts that secure the rudder pedals along with all of the brake line fittings ... as opposed to doing all the work painfully from the inside of the cockpit.
Rudder pedal and brake assemblies fully installed in the DOG Aviation RV-12.

For those wondering what the blue tape in the above photo is for ... it will be pealed off after the firewall to skin seam is coated with either pro-seal or firewall sealant to create a neat  smooth edge. 


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