Monday, May 11, 2015

Right F-1270 Side Skin Riveted Center Section Aft

Got a late start at hangar 45 today, but was able to finish off the riveting of the right F-1270-A&D side skin doublers. Builder note: Because a tiny washer flies off the Cherry CR3213-4-2 rivets, would suggest stuffing a rag or something into the slot for the spar to prevent the tiny washers from falling down inside the now fully enclosed fuselage to rattle around forever. 

Also completed the row of rivets that secures the right F-1270 side skin onto the forward flange of the F-1204 center section bulkhead. This will be the stopping point at this point in time. By doing so, the forward half of the side skin can be temporarily pulled away from the fuselage to allow easy access for the rudder pedal installation.
Using the hand rivet puller to set one of the Cherry CR3213-4-2 rivets.
Riveting completed on the right F-1270 fuselage side skin from the center section aft. My finger is pointing to the final row of rivet holes in the F-1270A skin doubler that received the stronger Cherry CR3213-4-2 rivets.

The riveting of the left side skin has begun and will be done the same way as on the right side.